The Utah Environmental Health Association (UEHA) is a statewide professional organization that fosters good public health in the State of Utah by providing opportunities in an educational as well as a regulatory setting.

UEHA is dedicated to improving public health for all of the citizens in the State of Utah, by ensuring that those professionals charged with promoting health programs are prepared, from a technical standpoint, to properly administer sound public health.

The association meets bi-annually to discuss the current health concerns of our Utah communities, legislative issues that affect Utah's Health report card, and to create a network, which allows the dissemination of current, relevant and accurate health data.

Organization & Membership

The UEHA is governed by a board of trustees that is chaired by the association's president. The trustees and officers make up the governing body that guides the association. Membership involvement includes participating on various committees.

The growing membership consists of individuals from health professions, industry, private sector, and academia. Each health district in the state is represented. This has given UEHA the unique position of being the single organization that, because of its diversity, offers a forum for Environmental Health issues. In this way we will find the solutions we all seek — together.

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Continuing Education

The UEHA has been a Utah educational leader since 1954. Education conferences provide Continuing Education Credits for professional licensing in the State of Utah. At the bi-annual conferences, tremendous attention is given to developing a quality educational program that not only imparts knowledge to the attendee but also, through the very quality of the presentations, inspires the attendees to do more upon return to their job. Educational meetings are located in regional areas of Utah on a rotating basis for the convenience of its members.

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